America First Agenda


Targeted For Destruction

After the highly questionable results of the presidential and other down ballot elections of 2020 it became immediately apparent to those paying attention that the America First Agenda was targeted for destruction by the globalists and their allies. The legacy media, social media giants and “Big Tech” fully employed their ominous powers to manipulate, and CANCEL the free speech of individuals and organizations with opinions not approved by the Democrat Party and the Deep State bureaucracy.

Supporting The America First Agenda

The Republican Party “leadership” was unable, or unwilling, to support President Trump and others promoting the America First platform. This failure of the GOP was staggering. Too many Americans have lost faith and confidence in our electoral system and the flailing Republican Party. These losses have led to devastating levels of fear, anger, frustration and grief. For Americans the hope of ever regaining their freedoms, liberty, and prosperity is dwindling rapidly. If the GOP can recover and find a way to regain the trust of the American people it will take years.

Transparency and Accountability

We grew up revering the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Unfortunately, those documents and the governmental structure it provided is under attack. The system must be repaired immediately by installing the necessary changes required to protect these documents, our system of government and out American way of life by providing transparency and accountability in our election system. To do this, it will require a UNITED effort to replace career politicians who are not committed to Federalism, the system of Checks and Balances, and the Rule of Law, which is enshrined in our Constitution, but rather are determined to create the tyranny of totalitarian, and the establishment of one-party rule. These are difficult tasks, but NOT impossible. The first step begins with We the People and citizen involvement to regain what has been forgotten, lost, stolen, or destroyed. This will require ACTION! It will require patriots like you and me who love America as founded and embrace the principles and values that made America the greatest nation in human history. The future of our state and nation depends on you and me. Will you join me in this effort?

Save Wisconsin!

Wisconsin is leading the way to election integrity. This fall we have an opportunity to send a clear message to the nation that Wisconsinites support the America First Agenda. We are sick and tired that our most basic freedoms are being ignored by Washington, DC and by the political left who want to bring their tyrannical and socialist ways to our state. In short, we do not want to become another California, Illinois or New York. We are tired of our jobs being shipped overseas, our factories and small businesses shuttered, and that we are experiencing high interest rates, high gas prices and food and other commodity shortages and our parents being told by the elite that they have no right in what our children are being taught in the public schools.

What’s at Stake?

Simply put, the future of Wisconsin and America. This November 8th we have an opportunity to send a clear and loud message that we are fed up and that we will not accept higher taxes, more spending, more debt, and more government mandates that infringe on our basic Civil Rights, liberties and freedoms. With your financial help and “boots on the ground” involvement, we will be able to educate voters across this state which candidates support an American First Agenda or are “business as usual” traditional politicians. In the upcoming elections, Wisconsinites will have the opportunity to vote for candidates and officers throughout the state and we need to elect candidates that will stand up for We The People! With your help, we can “Make Wisconsin Great Again!”

Wisconsin On My Mind

From the rolling hills to its many lakes and inland waterways; from the hustle and bustle of Milwaukee to the small towns; from its vibrant farms to its soothing and relaxing beaches and beautiful state parks; from its busy ports to its many sports venues. Wisconsin is fast becoming one of our nation’s most important states. That is why our state is fast becoming a leader in the future of our nation.

Commercial Ports

Devil's Lake

Kayak Apostle Islands

Lembau Field


Small Town

Wisconsin Cheese

Wisconsin Farms

Witches Gulch Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin On My Mind

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